Liquibase in Spring Boot project: Manage your database versions from development to production.
October 2020

Develop a web application with Angular2: Start develop a full javascript Web application with Angular 2 and ExpressJs.
October 2016

Social login with Spring-Social: Implement a social login for your web application in few steps with spring-social project.
February 2016

Secure AngularJs application with Spring Security: Continue securing web application with “spring-security” even if you are using a front-end framework, such as AngularJs.
January 2016

MapStruct: A performant bean mapping framewok.
October 2015

Gulp on a Maven managed project: Optimise your web resources with Gulp.
September 2015

REST API documentation with Swagger, SpringMVC and AngularJS: Generate your Spring MVC RESTful API doumentation with Swagger, SpringFox and AngularJs.
September 2015

Dozer – Bean mapping: Using custom Dozer converter for Bean mapping.
August 2015

Deploy your application to OpenShift: Host your java web application on OpenShift cloud platform.
August 2015

Develop a web application with AngularJS and Spring MVC: Develop a reactive JEE web application with one of the most popular front-end framework.
January 2015

Beautify your Java web application with Bootstrap: Make your web application look awesome by adding the most popular front-end framework as a maven dependency.
September 2014

Spring MVC – Full java based config: Configure a Spring MVC project without any xml file.
August 2014

Spring-Data-JPA: Get your data repository in few configuration and code lines.
May 2014

Logback – Dynamic creation of log files: A simple way to implement your log policies.
October 2013

JUnit test with Mockito and Spring: (JUnit + Mockito + Spring) A nice cocktail for application testing.
July 2013

Web Services with Apache CXF: A concise way to create a web service with CXF and Spring.
March 2013

Spring Integration : A smart way to implement data integration between different systems. This article can help you to understand and start using Spring integration.
August 2011

Web design with 960 grid system : CSS framework cut down development time. It gives a web developer a solid foundation to build UI with an easy-to-use grid and other features.
March 2011

Secure your web application with Spring Security : This article presents how to use Spring security framework to secure a web application.
January 2011

Cloud computing : An introduction to cloud computing.
October 2010

Using JSF RichFaces with Spring and JPA : A quick start with a sample to develop a web user interface with JSF, Spring and Hibernate.
September 2010

DbUnit : In some cases, to test java applications we need to know data at initial state to predict data evolution. DbUnit helps you reach this goal.
August 2010

Using Hibernate JPA in Spring : This article deal with three frameworks (JPA, Hibernate and Spring) configuration. It can help you to start developing the persistence layer of your Java/JEE project.
July 2010

Continuous Integration Environment: This article helps you to install Hudson as a CI and to configure some plugins as checkstyle, PMD and FindBug to control and to improve code quality.
June 2010

Testing Frameworks for JEE : We can’t think any more about development project without tests all along development process. This article presents some testing frameworks that can be useful for Java web application development.
May 2010

A tip for testing JQuery Autocomplete with Selenium : Selenium is a great tool for testing web application. But testing some screens with Ajax components may needs some cautions.
May 2010

Implement Autocomplete fields with JQuery : This article presents how to implement an Autocomplete field using JQuery with a servlet in the server side.
June 2010